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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game which is persistent being online, so you'll need a connection to the internet to play that via mobile network or Wi-Fi. Battlegrounds is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle, a type of large-scale last man standing where players fight to remain the last alive and the last person or team left alive wins the match.
  • Each team needs to register along with their team members for the event by providing all the following details:-
    1. Name
    2. PUBG User ID
    3. Email ID
    4. Whatsapp No.
  • It is not mandatory for players to present physically for participation in event, they can play it from anywhere.
  • Players can play either with their mobile phones or PC(emulators). Maximum 2 players are allowed to play with PC(emulators) in a single team.
  • After Registration, each team will participate for Qualifying Match consisting of 2 Rounds Round1, Round2), where each round will be played as TPP, Map - Erangel, Mode - Squad.
  • At most 25 teams will participate for a Match where each team will be allotted with points (survival+kills) after the end of each round.
  • Top teams will qualify for the Final Match from the Qualifying Matches (Details will be specified during event).Top 3 teams will be chosen after completion of all Final Match as:-
    1st position - Winner
    2nd position - First Runner Up
  • Rankings:
    1. First Rank: 500 points
    2. Second Rank: 400 points
    3. Third Rank: 350 points
    4. Fourth Rank: 300 points
    5. Fifth Rank: 275 points
    6. Sixth Rank: 250 points
    7. Seventh Rank: 225 points
    8. Eighth Rank: 200 points
    9. Nineth Rank: 175 points
    10. Tenth Rank: 150 points
    11. Eleventh Rank - Fifteenth Rank: 125 points
    12. Sixteenth Rank - Twentieth Rank: 110 points
    13. Twenty First Rank - Twenty Fifth Rank: 100 points
    20 POINTS will be awarded for EACH KILL
  • Player for best performance(survival+kill) other than winning team players in Final Match will be also awarded prize.
  • Any kind of updates regarding Event will be updated during Event.
  • 15 minutes will be given to the teams to join the Room as soon as Room ID and Password is provided.
  • Teams must be in their appropriate Room Slots and Voice Channels in Discord before the starting of match.
  • ZERO points will be given to the teams for missing out the rounds.
  • For any kind of misconduct/cheating will not be tolerated and lead to disqualification of team during event without any refunds.
  • All Participants are own responsible for any kind of lags like network issues or battery issues or other, so you should have good internet connectivity & bring your power banks along with you. Event Members are not responsible for any kind of technical glitches/ failures occurred during event.
Event Head: Lavkesh (+91 8839279483)
T.A.: Harshit (+91 9455045321)
T.A.: Sonika (+91 7389893811)



NEED FOR SPEED is a multiplayer racing video game where the players controls a race car in a variety of races, the goal being to win the race.


  • Each Participants need to register for event by providing following details:

    1. Name
    2. Email Id
    3. Mobile Number
  • Maximum 4 players will play in a single match, for any round
  • Winners of each match will qualify for next round
  • Top 3 players will be chose for final match as:

    1st position - Winner
    2nd position - First Runner up
    3rd position - Second Runner up
  • Event details will be updated on the spot during event
  • Systems will provided by the event members

Event Head: Lavkesh (+91 8839279483)
T.A.: Harshit (+91 9455045321)
T.A.: Sonika (+91 7389893811)