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The code battle is about to take place. This event is a good opportunity for you to prove that, you can’t be always the most talented in the room - but you can be the most competitive. Be a warrior and show your potential to handle the variety of problem in limited time. Prepare yourself and your weapons to compete, with the world. We, the CODE SENSE team, is giving you the platform to compete and be the best competitor. Hone your skills for the ultimate competition of CODING !
  • Event Format: There will be only single round in which participants will be given five programming problems to solve.
  • Team Size: Only individual participants is allowed . To participate, participants must have account on
  • Language: Any programming language can be used to code the given problems.
  • The contest will be of three hours.
  • Each participant will be provided 5 problems.
  • Each question will have their own level.
  • Participants will be given a time limit of three hours, to code all problems.
  • The solution must satisfy all test cases, and the output should be exactly as stated.
  • The solution should meet the given time and space constraints.
  • Evaluation Criteria : All submissions will be tested against critical test cases. Passing all the test cases within the time limit will result in 100 % marks otherwise it will be termed as wrong answer

  • All the questions carry equal points. A correct submission will give 100 points.
  • Details of failed test cases won’t be visible.
  • Marking of problem with multiple subtasks will be percentage based(i.e., if your solution meet all subtask then you will be given 100 out of 100 and if your solution meet some subtasks then you will be given percentage based marks).
  • NOTE: If the condition of ties occur then it will be resolved by the amount of time taken by the participants to solve the problems.
Event Head: Smriti (+91 8004657337)
T.A.: Shubham (+91 8052454659)


Be a challenger, take a challenge, be a tycoon to be a designer
It’s a game of mind and time. It’s not just an event. It’s about being designer and creative ,come and chase the time to design and show how creative you are by the use of some easy languages which are HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

  • Format specifications: The event consists of two phases.
  • Platform: NOTEPAD, NOTEPAD++.

  • This round will be based on pen & paper test.
  • There will be 30 objective questions.
    In HTML:- There will be 15 questions.
    7-Single correct ques(levelled easy), 5-Multiple correct(Levelled medium), 3-Subdivision of choices + multiple questions(levelled hard)
    In CSS:-There will be 10 questions.
    4-single correct(Levelled easy), 4-Multiple correct ques (Levelled medium), 2-subdivision+multiple correct. (Levelled hard)
    In JAVA SCRIPT:-There will be 5 questions.
    2-single correct(Levelled easy), 2-multiple correct(Levelled medium), 1-subdivision+multiple correct(Levelled hard)
    Each section (easy, medium, and hard) will have different weightage of marks with different marking scheme. There will be time limit of 30 minutes to each participant.
  • There will be 30 min. given to participants.
  • Top 10 participants will be selected for further phases.

  • Final round will also be based on practical skills.
  • In this round two template will be provided to them.
    FIRST TEMPLATE(Medium level)
    You are allowed to check the browser for template design only twice. After that for 3rd check you will lose 1 marks. And for next check u will lose 2 marks. And so on, after 6th check you have to submit your code.
    You are allowed to check the browser 3 times. 4th check you will be deducted 2 marks. 5th check you will be deducted 4 marks. And so on, after 7th check you have to submit your code. Marking pattern of template design will be decide further after making the template.
  • They have to make the copy of template.
  • Criteria for the winner- Minimum completion time and Template designed will have to look like the given template.

Event Head: Akash (+91 8239842580)
T.A.: Shubham (+91 8052454659)


The showdown of coding is just on the way, come, participate and claim the ultimate victory
The code bid event is coming once again. This event basically check the BASIC programming skill. Participants may have to solve many MCQ type question and with developing a program to do specific task. Sufficient equal time provide for each time.

  • Event Format: There will be two rounds of the event.
  • Team Size: Maximum number of members 2.

  • For each question there will be a definite point (acc. to its difficulty) and the teams who are able to successfully solve the question in the allotted time period, will earn the designated point of the question
  • But here comes the bidding part .... in each question four teams will bid for the bonus points which is double of the questions original point. They will fight so that their bid will be in the top four minimum bids
  • These teams will now code for the bonus ,if they are able to solve the question in the time they bid, the bonus will be added to their score
  • If they are unable to solve the question, points equal to the questions points will be deducted from their score i.e, negative marking
  • In each round teams are bound to make atleast one bid, so that they can secure them from eliminations. Elimination of one teams from the contest will occur after completion of each round
  • Elimination will be decided on the grounds of the scores and most importantly whether they made atleast one bid or not in the preceeding round

  • The written test will include questions on basic C/C++, logic, pattern recognition, basic programming concepts and program analysis.
  • The Test will be of half an hour.
  • Based on this round maximum 12 teams will be shortlisted for the second round.
  • There will reservation for one top team from 1st year and 2nd year each in heart-break round.

  • The second round will be of 2 hour.
  • This final round will be subcategorised into four subparts –
    1. Rookie round
    2. Mediocore round
    3. Challengers round
    4. Ultimate bidder round
  • Each round will consist of three questions having different complexity and different time allotted to solve each of them.
  • Points regarding each question will depend on the question level and the round.
  • Team with maximum points after ultimate bidder round will hibe winner of the event.

Event Head: Rohit (+91 7979060034)
T.A.: Shubham (+91 8052454659)


“ Hardwork eventually solve all problems but to solve problems quickly and accurately we need intelligence.”
“Take the challenge of Brain conquer and stretch your brain beyond its limit. As we all have more potential to solve the challenges than we think.”
BRAIN CONQUER is a game of mind and time its all about solving the challenges that requires more than just a mathematical insight to solve. This event is only for those who dare to take challenges in their life and proves nothing is impossible.

  • Time limit-1 hour (pen paper mode)
  • There will be total 30 multiple choice questions having two section A and B .
  • Section A consist 20 multiple choice questions.
  • All problem consist equal marks i.e., 3 (no negative marks)
  • Section B consist 10 multiple choice question.
  • All problem in this section consist equal marks i.e., 4(negative marks = -1) .

  • Minimum cut-off marks will be released after Round 1 and the participants who will get equal or above than cutt-off will be selected for the second round.
  • Time limit 1 hours (online mode) single attempt to each
  • There will be total 20 mcqs (single correct answer) divided in two section A and B.
  • Section A consist 10 multiple choice questions.
  • All question in this section consist equal marks i.e. 4 marks (negative marking = -1)
  • Section B consist 10 multiple choice questions.
  • Each question in this section contains equal marks i.e. 6 (negative marks = -2)
  • The participants will be ranked according to the points they get. If two person got the same marks than they will be judged on the basis of their time of submission.

Event Head: Ritika (+91 9123449813)
T.A.: Shubham (+91 8052454659)




Debugging the Code is a sport like hunting, its bug hunting. It’s a game of mind and time. It's about thinking capacity and patience of your mind to find bugs in the code.


  • Team Size: Maximum 2 members are allowed in a team.
  • Format specifications: The event consists of two phases.
  • Platform: TURBOC++.
  • Language: C/C++.


  • Extra credit points will be awarded to the team bringing out the desired output in less than half of the time limit.
  • Credits would be deducted with each unsuccessful compilation.


  • Each team will be provided 7 programs.
  • First 4 programs will have maximum 2 compiler errors & teams will be given 2 mins time to debug each program.
  • The next 3 programs will have 2 compiler error & at most 1 logical error, & teams will be given 3 mins to debug each program.
  • For each program, maximum 2 compilations are allowed.
  • NOTE:- Top 8 teams will be promoted to the final round.


  • Each team will be provided 5 programs.
  • First 3 programs will have at most 1 logical error & at most 1 compiler error & teams will be given 3 mins to debug each program.
  • The next 2 questions will have at most 2 logical error & at most 2 compiler error & teams will be given 5 mins to debug each program.
  • Output is expected without bringing any major change in the body.

Event Head: Pradip (+91 7999303285)
T.A.: Shubham (+91 8052454659)