This instructable describes a simple robot car controlled via bluetooth by tilting an Android phone. The accelerometers in the phone measure the angle of tilt in degrees forwards and backwards and left and right, and use this to calculate motor speeds and direction which is sent to the ardunio.

Bot Specification

  1. Maximum dimension limit of the Bot=30*30*25cm.

  2. The Motors To be used is within the range of 0-300rpm. It will different conditions.


  1. Supply of 220volts, 50hz Ac will be provided.

  2. Team shave to bring Down the voltage less than 12 volts.

  3. The voltage at any point on the electrical connections should not exceed 12v.

  4. Rechargeable batteries are also allowed.

  5. The wireless bot should have their own supply


  1. There will be two bots named TOM and JERRY. Now, as the name suggests; Tom is a stupor and a strong boy whereas Jerry is a small and clever boy.

  2. Jerry has to cross the puzzle and will get 100 points for this.

  3. Tom is happy that he will chase Jerry and won’t let him win.

  4. There is Tom’s house in the centre of the puzzle. Jerry crosses over Tom’s house in order to distract Tom.

  5. As a/c to the rules, if Jerry crosses the house, stupor Tom will first have to cross his house before he could chase Jerry.


  1. The team has to be present at the event place within 5 minutes of final call otherwise they will be disqualified.

  2. The timing of the team would be started once the instructor gives the signal to start the bot.

  3. Each team will have to run and chase alternatively.

  4. A maximum of 5 minutes will be given for runner bot to cross the puzzle. The runner bot losses 10 points for using each extra minute.

  5. Neither team is allowed to halt in the arena.

  6. The chasing bot is not allowed to halt near the end point.

  7. Power supply should not exceed 12V.

  8. The bot should not damage the arena in anyway.


  1. The runner team will be awarded 100 points for successfully completing the puzzle.

  2. The runner team losses 5 points for each time it touches the arena’s wall.

  3. The runner team losses 20 points for each time it crosses the redpoint. (However it is not mandatory to cross the redpoint).

  4. At the end the team securing the highest points would be the winner.


  1. A team would comprise a maximum of 3 members.

  2. The team members should submit their name before commencement of the competition ALONGWITH A TEAM NAME.


  1. WINNER:- /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

Event Coordinator


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