This event is a platform for participants to showcase their robotics Talents and also to bring alive the football spirit .They are required to build two manually controlled bots capable of playing soccer on an arena specially designed for the robotics soccer match.

Bot Specification

  1. Maximum dimension limit of bot is 30cm×30cm×25cm (l×w×h).

  2. Grabing mechanisms are not allowed..

  3. The motors to be used for bot’s motion is within the range of 0-500 rpm. It will be checked in different conditions.

Power Supply

  1. supply of 220volt, 50hz ac will be provided.
  2. Teams will have to bring down the voltage should be 12 volts and 5 amp.
  3. The voltage at any point on the electrical connections should not exceed 12v.
  4. Rechargable batteries are also allowed.
  5. The wireless bot should have its own power supply.


  1. Teams will have to play a football match against other team.
  2. 2:30 minutes will be provided for each team for pregame setup and testing.
  3. The match will be of 15 minutes (two halves of 6 minutes and 3 minutes for maintenance.)
  4. A defender block of dimension 10cm*5cm*5cm will be provided for each team which can be set at the initiation of each half by participating team members on defendive arc.
  5. The game will be started on the count of three by the referee.teams making mistakes during start more than twice will be punished by -2 points.
  6. Bot will be placed at start zone of the arena at the starting of the match.
  7. In case of zam up of bots for more than 15 seconds, the ball will be kicked off against the command of the referee.
  8. In case of bot problems during match (only motor problem, connection loose), maximum of 15 minutes will be given for repair with -1 point for each 5 minutes.
  9. For each goal +10 points are awarded in first 6 minutes of each half.
  10. In powerplay of 1 minute (3-4 minute) of each half, +15 points are awardedfor each goal.
  11. During (5-6) minute of each half defenders will be removed from both side.
  12. Teams with maximum points will be winner.
  13. In case of tie, a golden goal rule will be applied.the team scoring first in extra time will win the match.
  14. For semifinals and final match arena will be different.


  1. Each team must have maximum three members.

  2. Teams will have to submit their bots before an hour of starting the event.

  3. Ready made logo kit and ic engine are not allowed.

  4. Ready made gear assemblies can be used.

  5. Bots will not be allowed which are found unsafe for other teams or spectators.

  6. The ball will be dragged, pushed or kicked by bot.


  1. Any type of intentional damage caused to apponent team’s bot will be considered as foul.

  2. If bot hits defender of opponent team.

  3. If a team member touch the bot during match, it will be considered as foul.

  4. In case of foul a free kick will be given to the other team from fix arc ‘y’ point during which bot of the team committing the foul will be freezed at freeze point.

  5. Decision of the referee will be final.

  6. If a team fails to adhere to size of bot as specification.

  7. If a team damages the arena in any way.

  8. If a team commits repeated fouls more than five times.

  9. Teams may be disqualified on disciplinary grounds.

  10. NOTE – team coordinator reserve the rights to change the rules at any point of time as they deem fit. The change will however be highlighted on the website


  1. WINNER:- /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

Event Coordinator


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