Pet Bottle Rocket


PET BOTTLE ROCKET is an event involving basic engineering knowledge and hence students of all branches can participate. It is an interesting event, has simple design, easy to construct & is less expensive.
The purpose of organising this event is to provide the information related to TIME OF FLIGHT & RANGE obtained by model of rocket. These useful information are used for dimensional analysis of prototype.

This event is organised in two rounds.

Round 1 Rules

  1. First round is a qualifying round.

  2. In this round, Distance is the qualification criterion which is 50 meter.

  3. Single point is given for every meter .

  4. 30% Weightage for First round

Round 2

  1. Second round is final round.

  2. This round is focused on time of flight.

  3. Five points are given for every second.

  4. 70% Weightage for 2nd Round.


  1. Maximum 2 participants are allowed in a group.


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Event Coordinator

UTKARSH PATEL 9993600319

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