"A scientist can discover a new star but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him.- "

Gordon Lindsay Glegg

EQUILIBRIO'18 provides you a platform to showcase the engineer inside you. Ideas can come to anyone, but it is the prerogative of engineers to translate them into concrete reality. This event is designed to test your practical construction skills. If you want to accept the challenge of a site engineer, here is the event and it comes with the opportunity to win great prizes.


This is an on-the-spot event. You are required to build a semi-circular arch. This must be done only with the materials and tools provided.


You will be given a semi-circular iron frame. The arch has to be constructed on this frame using bricks and stone-chips (10 mm down) only. The construction should be completed within the stipulated time (15 min).

Strength of the arch will be calculate on the basis of the weight of the sand it withstand in a maximum pouring time of 5 min.

Strength is the sole criteria for judgement but exceeding sand pouring time and arch construction time will invite deduction of 100 gram per/min


Participants have to make arch in maximum 15 minutes and after which we will load the arch.

The arch which sustain the maximum load will be declared as the best.


  1. You have to use only provided materials.

  2. No gluing material should be used.

  3. The supporting framework will be provided on the spot.

  4. You have to use provided materials in limited amount.

  5. Pouring must be done with a measured vessel.

  6. While removing the frame if the structure will collapse then you are out of the game and there is no second chance in the game.


  1. The team should comprise of maximum 3 members.

  2. Team must reach at venue on time.


  1. WINNER:- /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:-/-

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