Lights Camera Action

Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in. "This is a short film/documentary competition where the participants will combat and compete amongst their short films to notch the tract of the best."

Format Of the Event

  1. Screening
    • In this round there will be internal segregation of the short films.

  2. Finale
    • In this round the shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the finale in our university campus where their short film will be presented before the elite judge's panel.


General Rules
  • No restriction for theme as such but 10% bonus point will be awarded for movies on theme related to
    • i) Dignity of labour
      ii) Unemployment among Youth
      iii) Stop body shaming
      iv) Women Safety
  • Upload your movie on YouTube or share via google drives and mail the link with the complete details of the cast and the crew.

  • The qualifying entries for screening in Equilibrio’18 will be receiving the mail for the same.

  • The team size can be 5 to 15.i.e. the complete crew size including Cinematographer, Editors, Director, Script writers and Actors.

  • All the members should share the poster of the event LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION on their timeline.

  • Duration of the movie: 10 - 15 minutes.

  • Please do not forget to include the names of the various actors in vital roles as well as the complete crew with their contribution in the mail.

  • No professional entries will be entertained, as this is an opportunity for the budding college students who are willing to try their hands at Movie Making.

  • Absurd content will lead to immediate disqualification.

  • The decision of the Jury is final and binding.

  • The movie will be judged based on the following:

    1. Justification to the theme
    2. Optimum utilization of resources
    3. Acting skills
    4. Direction
    5. Cinematography


    1. WINNER:-/-

    2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

    Event Coordinator


    Ph no. 8840917058

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