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  • There will be two stages in this event: Round 1 & Round 2.
    Objective of first round is to test the ability of the participants in working with the CAD software and designing the simple solid models in the software.

  • All the teams will be allowed in the Round 1 after which about one-third of them will be selected for the next stage Round 2.

  • Before starting of each Round respective Problem Statement Sheets will be distributed to teams, and after the time is up they have to submit their models in the described file formats.

  • Participating teams are required to bring their own computer system (laptop, mouse, track-pad etc) in fully working condition and with appropriate battery charge status.
    In case of not working of computer or battery drain-out, no concession will be given and eventually it will lead to their disqualification.


  1. All participants have to bring their own laptop, mouse etc. Participants will be responsible for working condition of their system.

  2. Given design have to be made in CATIA, Pro-E, solid woks, AutoCAD and other software for which workshop would be done.

  3. After Completing their design they have to submit the files in following four formats
    • Default format of the files depending on the software they have used and the workbench(s) used in designing the model.
    • Three more CAD file formats, .step, .igs & .stl.


  1. Number of Members in a team
    For 1st& 2nd year : 2 persons, 2 computers
    Others : 1 person, 1 computer

  2. Task : Make as much models as you can within given period of time.

  3. Number of parts to be made : As much as you can out of given ten part models.

  4. Total time : 30 minutes.

  5. Problem will be presented in : 2D sketch containing different normal views and one isometric view.


  1. Number of Members in a team
    For 1st& 2nd year: 2 persons, 2 computers
    Others : 1 person, 1 computer

  2. Task : Design the required assembly given in problem statement.

  3. No. of assemblies to made : One

  4. Time : 100 minutes.

  5. Problem will be presented in : Two formats
    • Problem Statement in text describing aim and function of the assembly.

    • 2-D sketches of parts containing isometrics and projection views.


  1. WINNER:- /-

  2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

Event Coordinator


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3in this event