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Hone your skills for ultimate competition

  • The Coding battle is about to take place . This event is a good opportunity to prove that you have the potential to handle the variety of problem in limited time . Prepare your self to stand at good place and to tell the world that you too can change the current world with your own skills . We ,the CODE SENSE team, is giving you the platform for CODING!!!.
  • And one more thing ,if you’re coming then give your best !!!!!

    Event Format:

    • The event consist of a single round in which contestants are required to solve as many problems they can out of five given programming problems in a limited time of three hours.There will be only single round in which participants will be given the five programming problems from which they are required to solve as many problems as they can in limited time of three hours .The solution should meet the given time and space constraints.


    • Only individual participant is allowed to participate in CODE SENSE . Participant must have an account on


    • Only One round will be hosted on

    Types of Questions

      The event will have five programming problems of varying difficulty. The problems will be based on Basic Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms. You may encounter problem(s) with multiple subtask .

    Evaluation Criteria

      All submission will be tested against critical test cases. Passing all the test cases within the time limit will result in 100 % mark otherwise it will be termed as wrong answer.

    Marking Scheme

      All the questions carry equal points . A correct submission will give 100 points . Details of failed test cases won't be visible. Marking of Problem with multiple subtask will be percentage based (i.e. if your solution meet all subtask then you will be given 100 out of 100 and if your solution meet some subtasks then you will be given percentage based marks)..


    If the condition of Ties occur then it will be resolved by the amount of time taken by the participant to solve the problems.


    • The contest will be of three hours.



    1. WINNER:- /-

    2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

    Event Coordinator

    Sandeep Ku. Verma

    Ph no. 7089718773

    47in this event
    47in this event