Chem O Mania

Have you ever wondered, What causes green color to leaves? What electromagnetic wave does a TV remote employ? Or what causes blood clot? Chem-o-mania is where all the science maniacs belong.

The Chem-o-mania quiz has two stages
  • a. Quiz
  • b. Riddle
  • Round 1 Rules

    1. Max three members are allowed.

    2. Ten questions will be asked.

    3. Questions will have multiple choice.

    4. With each correct answer, the team will earn 4 virtual coins.

    5. Each incorrect answer will lead to the deduction of 1 coin.

    6. The team may pass their question to another team. This question becomes an additional question to the passed team.

    Teams with 50% (or more) score will be permitted.

    Round 2 Rules

      Rules for final stage
    1. Ten questions will be asked.

    2. Questions may have

    3. multiple choice

    4. Blank to fill

    5. Each correct answer rewards 10 coins.

    6. Each incorrect answer deduces 3 coins.

    7. Question passing ceases.

    Two winners will be rewarded monetary prize.


    1. Final winner will be decided on basis of grand total of both rounds.

    2. In case Tie, second round will be consider as deciding round.


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    Event Coordinator

    Anuj Srivastava

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    Krishna Patel

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