Case Study

To enhance the knowledge of students, this event is conducted where the participants will be given a case study. They have to come up with the appropriate solution for the same. And what they have learned from the case, with the unique point which is related to case provided.
The objective of conducting this event is to see how students can think in the different way towards a particular situation.

  • CASE STUDY Problem Statement
  • ROUND 1

      This round will be an online eliminating round where in the participants will be presented a case and they will have to submit their analysis of the case with in the specified time dead line.

    ROUND 2

      This round will be a case presentation round in which the participants will be required to come to the campus and present their analysis of the case


    Teams must be composed of 2-3 members
  • The team members must be from same institute
  • A participant can be a part of only one team

    1. WINNER:-/-

    2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

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