A situation arise on nation security ,our army’s aircraft has been crashed in a small island near Lakshadweep .Our quick response military teams start a rescue mission called “AMPHIBIAN”………. Many teams participate in this operation which make an environment of competition as par the order of carnal . So they designed a manually controlled bot that has capable to run in water as well as land , to cover maximum distance in shortest time interval, challenging the hurdles and be one of the best opponents.


    .Use only handmades bot.
    .Students taking part in the event must have a valid identity card of their respective institutes.


  • • The bot should be manually controlled.

  • • Bots prepared could be wired or wireless as per the participants choice

  • • Bots have to move in an arena specially designed for this event.

  • • Bot starts from ‘‘starting point’’ cover the ground track and jump into water

  • ……. From water comeback to ground track and cover distance to ‘‘end point’’.

  • • Bots have to prick balloons ( by using only niddle only) or pick up objects of different shapes and sizes(as per the stage requirements) and collect points to proceed to the next stage.

  • • Many challenges and hurdles come during the event which decide the points….
  • Round 1

      (a) simply complete one round of arena.
      (b)Maximum time limit:15 minutes.
      (c)Point is not counted.
      (d)At least ….pricks one balloon & pick up one object.

    Round 2

    1. complete one round from starting point to end point of arena.
    2. Maximum time limit:15 minutes.
    3. Point is counted for each tasks.
    4. Task::-- pricks maximum balloons & pick up maximum objects.
    5. Number of participants are selected on the bases of points. Participants having maximum points will qualify for next round.
    6. Maximum 5 participants are selected for 3 rd and last round.

    Round 3

    1. complete one round from starting point to end point of arena.
    2. Maximum time limit:18 minutes.
    3. Point is counted for each tasks.
    4. Task::-- face hurdles on track, pricks selected maximum balloons & pick up selected maximum objects.
    5. The bot having maximum point will be winner.


    1. A team may consist of maximum 4 members.
    2. Bots would be checked for their safety before the event.
    3. Organizers have power to change some rule before the event start.
    4. Points are given to each successful tasks and decided by event head.
    5. Points get minus(-) when bot get collide with the wall of arena(water portion) , obstacles on tracks , bot not able to jump on water and comeback to track from water ,etc.
    6. .Bonus points are given when the bot reach the ‘end point’ before the time limit.
      .If bot fails to reach the end point in time limit then the bot get disqualify.
      .Rules are only change by event head and accepted by all participants.
      .Time is given after minusing(-) some points when bot get damage or not working properly during event in arena for repairing.


    1. • If a team damages the arena.
      • If a team commits repeated fouls. (max 5times)
      • If a team fails to report at time.
      • If a team fails to adhere to size specifications

    Bot specifications

      .The bot must fill in a box of (35*30*30)cm. (L*B*H)
      • Teams can use both wire and wireless power supply.
      • Teams would be provided 220V/50hz power supply.
      • Use D.C. Motors .
      • Adapter:-Maximum 12V/5A .
      • Bot is designed to move in water as well as ground.


    1. WINNER:- /-

    2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

    Event Head


    Ph no. 7987464884

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