To design an autonomous robot which is able to traverse the given path(black line on a white background) from starting point to the destination point.

There will be 2 rounds.


Round 1 will be conducted on 17 th jan 2018 between 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. However, registrations at the arena (which is mandatory) will be closed at 11:30 AM sharp.

ROUND 1(preliminary round):-

In round 1(preliminary round), two identical arenas will be provided in which two teams at a time have to compete in order to be the best. Team reaching to the end point in minimum time will be considered as winner among the two and will be qualified for the next round.


In round 2(Final round), a maze (number of black lines on a white background) will be provided in which the bot has to traverse from starting point to end point by crossing check-points(indicated by hearts) and by following a particular(left/right) rule.

    1. Participants from different registered institutions can form a team.
    2. Maximum team size should be of THREE members.
    3. Bot dimensions must not exceed 30cm*25cm*25cm.
    4. The bot should not cause damage to arena or to surrounding by any means. Otherwise the bot will be disqualified.
    5. Each team should get ready in given time for run, failing which can lead to disqualification.
    6. LED should be properly visible at the end point.
    7. Power supply to the Arduino Board must not exceed +12V(On board or off board),however power supply of 12V will be available at the arena.
    8. The maximum time allotted for round 2 to each team is limited to 5 minutes.
    9. Decisions made by the organizer shall be treated as final.
    10. A maximum of 2 and 5 hand touch are allowed in round 1 and round 2 respectively, however in round 1 the bot will be re-starting from the starting point, but in round 2 the bot will be starting from the last checkpoint cleared.
    11. Organizers reserve the rights to make any further changes(if possible) in any rules/Arenas.

Game Rules

    1. The robot has to start from the starting zone. The robot must operate by following the line.
    2. In round 2, some alternate paths may be made in between the path from start to end.
    3. The provided arena may be different from the given sample arena.
    4. There will be checkpoints along the arena, through which points will be awarded to the robot.
    5. If Hand-touch is required then the robot has to start from the previous checkpoint.
    6. Maximum 3 hand touches are allowed, after which the maximum score obtained till the third touch will be considered.
    7. Time shall be stopped when run is halted for a hand-touch.
    8. Maximum time limit given is 3 minutes for the first round, 5 minutes for the second. Scores according to time is described in score section.
    9. The width of the path would be around 3-4cm.
    10. At the start of the task, the bot will be placed at the starting point. Only 1 team member is allowed to be near the game field while starting the bot.


  • Points will be awarded only if the bot reaches to the end point in the given time.
  • Three types of check-points (indicated by hearts) will appear on the arena namely small, medium and large.
  • Incase the bot reach to the smaller heart, +20 points will be awarded, +50 points for reaching the medium sized heart and +100 points for the larger heart.
  • +20 extra points will be awarded for glowing LED properly on reaching end point.
  • 5 points will be deducted for each handtouch.

  • round 1

    round 2


    For Round 1, time taken to reach the end point will be the deciding factor. (However, the disqualified teams of the 1 st round will get one more chance to qualify for the 2 nd Round as all the disqualified team will be competing with each other once more ). In Round 2, points will be given as priority. Incase two teams are having same points, team taking less time to reach to the end point will be considered as winner.


    1. WINNER:- /-

    2. 1st RUNNER-UP:- /-

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